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Creating Commuters with Community Cycling Center

The other day I was able to take some photos for Community Cycling Center’s fantastic “Create A Commuter” program.  CCC connects low income adults with fully outfitted commuter bikes and provides them with training to safely navigate the city and maintain their new bikes.  Obviously, I’m completely in favor of getting as many people out on bikes, so it was a special experience to see these folks receive such a great opportunity and have their lives transformed.  You can check out more pics of these new commuters here.

When I moved to Portland 4 years ago I began volunteering with CCC and I’ve gotten to see the amazing work that they do for Portlanders of all walks of life and economic strata as well as some amazing bicycle advocacy.  They’re also a great source of relatively inexpensive used parts and knowledgeable, friendly advice.  NE 17th and Alberta from 10am-7pm!

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